The consequences of outlawing creating things

The consequences of outlawing creating things are notably extreme. When image cannot be matched to the image-maker, there arises great discord.

An example is the cannabis plant. Restricted over the years from the diet by absurd laws against its cultivation, it is dried and smoked or otherwise altered prior to ingestion. Addiction has developed to the altering of the plant’s natural qualities in order to still use it and glean some benefit from it. One does not become addicted to Godfood as is, but to man’s rejection of it and to alterations made to it that don’t wholly satisfy the original desire for it.

In my experience, eating the cannabis plant provides the greatest natural detox going. It clears out cancer cells. It boosts the endocannabinoid part of the immune system to its natural capacity. The mature flower of the cannabis plant is nature’s natural detox. The symptoms of too much smoking of the dried flower can be relieved by the eating of them fresh.

The government is going to continue to outlaw the simple growing and eating of a God-given dietary requirement because there is great profit to be made off the addicted. Ignore the status quo. Go straight to the seed of the cannabis plant, and water it yourself.



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