Q & A with Darcie French on ‘eating from the tree of Knowledge’ and making illusion seem real

Q: I submitted this question through your question & answer form, but perhaps it glitched or something and didn’t register?

Do you no longer believe that A Course In Miracles is the truth? It is clear that it teaches that this universe is an illusion that will end, never having happened. You appear to be going in the direction of this universe being created by God and being forever… not by the Son of God as a result of mistaken thought, which will vanish. I would appreciate clarification on this.

A: Since illusion “never happened”, how could it “end”, except by the end of the thought of it as being real, via the recognition that illusion is indeed illusion? And how could it be made real, except by the making of it to seem real? 🙂

Our Father is the Master of creating illusion that seems real, and the ability is shared freely; however, here on Earth we are like universal pre-schoolers  in terms of how much we understand about being co-creators.

The ‘mistaken thought’ of the Son’s is that the grand illusions of creative thought are real and binding. Illusion being unreal, it cannot bind. The image does not “happen” to the reality of the image-maker. To “eat from the tree of Knowledge” is to believe illusion to be real and binding. The thought that illusion is real does indeed vanish; the tree grown from the Knowledge of how to grow it returns to its seed of origin in the Mind of its Creator, and when it does, all that was attached to it that made it seem binding, never was. The tree is still there, but in the enfolded seed, as the still memory of the whole tree that can be resurrected by the desire for its regrowth.

When you look in a mirror, you see the illusion of yourself “happening” – illusion appears to happen while you are seeking for an appearance of one happening. When you close your eyes and “look” within, though, both the mirror and the image disappear, and yet you Know yourself as being still. Being still is forever reality within, it is forever the Kingdom of Heaven, and the capacity to erect a box of mirrors and pay testimony to a moving simulation of beingness within them is forever available. The cinema is popular so long as there are movie-goers.

The final miracle is the vanishing of the belief that simulated movement in the shared Stillness of the Mind of God is real and impacting. One comes to rest in the Stillness of Union with the Author of Eternal Love, knowing that the appearance and disappearance of images on the screen of consciousness is but the seeking for and releasing of illusion. Union in Love is permanent.

“I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God created me.”




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