Q & A with Darcie French on manifesting infinite wealth

Q: Is it possible to manifest infinite wealth?

A: Within the boundaries of the universal laws of creating, it is possible to give an image to whatever one desires to see imaged. One is co-creator with God by joining in Love the imaginings held in Mind and the images held in space.

Specify what you mean by “infinite wealth” in your thinking and match it up with your exhaustive effort in order to see specific results.

Match intention/input with work/output. For example, imagine extra cash and take pictures of cash already manifest. Another example given over the ages is to plant a seed in fertile soil and then water it and watch it grow.  Balanced interchange between ecstasy and effort is universal law for growing an image from its seed of imagining.

Whatever imagining one’s attention is divided by, is multiplied by an image.


2 thoughts on “Q & A with Darcie French on manifesting infinite wealth

  1. Essie

    I submitted this question through your question & answer form, but perhaps it glitched or something and didn’t register?

    Do you no longer believe that A Course In Miracles is the truth? It is clear that it teaches that this universe is an illusion that will end, never having happened. You appear to be going in the direction of this universe being created by God and being forever… not by the Son of God as a result of mistaken thought, which will vanish. I would appreciate clarification on this.



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