Fighting for deluded love vs divine love

There is a big difference between a business man protecting his investment in a substitute for love, and a warrior protecting family values in the name of divine love.

The battle of Kurukshetra in the Bhagavad Gita was between the unethical business class that routinely gambled away women’s rights and left the unwanted population of children to suffer for it, and the ethical warrior class that upheld the rights of women and family. Both sides of the battle had God on their side  – The Blind King had Sanjaya to tell the story, and Arjuna had Krishna. Both Sanjaya and Krishna told the same story, but to characters on opposite sides of the battle field.

God brings everyone home. Everyone is on the same cosmic clock of a path to enlightenment; half of us tick clockwise on the left of the path, and half of us tick counterclockwise on the right. We pass one another all the time. When we don’t find rest in our meetings as we walk the clock, there is often a fight.

The Blind King was essentially an addict to his preferred substitute for rest in love, and consequently didn’t know how to protect women or raise children to know true love.

Arjuna on the other hand was already well on his way to enlightenment, through the actual practice of upholding family values.

The Blind King thought Sanjaya’s gift of spiritual vision was to be used to fight against the protector’s of family values in the name of his own deluded version of love. Had he realized he was in the Presence of God, he would have called off the battle.

Arjuna did realize that he was in the Presence of God, and in the name of upholding Divine Love, continued to fight.


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