The Interchange of Love between God and His creating things

Walter Russell was never born and cannot die, and is alive and well in One Source. Get to Know The Universal One, and Know what Walter Russell Knows. Read Walter Russell’s works to understand the metaphysics of that Knowledge, and be able to teach them. They contain extremely valuable lessons. Through The Universal One Who Conceived of and Appointed Walter Russell, he will help you learn what he can explain dynamically as if he is right there with you. He does this in the same Capacity as the One Jesus does with those who read and teach the Christian Bible, and as the One Krishna does with those who read and teach the Bhagavad Gita. Don’t separate from Oneness and copy God’s work under a new trend of ego’s for mundane accolades, get to Know the Source of it, and Realize Accolade. Lose the sense of ego and gain the Knowledge of Capacity. For this, there is only Self-Inquiry.

God’s Magnetic Light of Self is Still, Invisible, All-Knowing, All-Powerful. It contains all motion, all vision, all power, all knowledge. From the division of One Magnetic Light into seeming two that depart from one another by sequential degrees of simultaneous opposition are the visible electric lights of two knowing forces of motion – gravity and radiation – born into seeming form.

Gravity and radiation are the same force, but in sequentially gaining and alternating preponderance of one over the other in simultaneous opposition to bring form to nonlinear idea. Gravity seemingly concentrates Magnetic Light and radiation seemingly disperses it for regeneration, and the sequentially alternating gaining of and losing of preponderance between the two lights of ‘life’ and ‘death’ is perceived as cycling of birth, growth, maturation, and decay. The One Light is never actually divided and never actually moves; gravity and radiation happen within it at once, and provide the effects of only the illusion of movement. This movement within stillness is perceived as mass coming and going, cycling between appearance and disappearance. Gravity and radiation are under the Supreme Control of Magnetic Light. Magnetic Light Sources and Controls all electrical lights within and by the Power of its own Inertia.

The Magnetic Light of God is Mother-Father of the two electrical lights and directs their concentration and decentration. The Magnetic Light is Real and Known; the electrical lights are simulated and perceived. The only ‘motion’ there is in the Magnetic Light is Known as the Interchange in Stillness of Love between God and his seeming-to-be-moving creatures. The Supreme Control of God’s Magnetic Light within and surrounding all of God’s creating things is Known vs perceived. In its purest state, devoid of consciousness of perception, it is Known only as the very Quality of Love, Interchanging in Love. The desire to Know the Idea of Self in the Stillness as God does is wholly satisfied in this Love.




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