Resonance Science Academy and the works of Walter Russell

I love what the Resonance Science Academy is doing in terms of educating the world of proper physics. It is disappointing, however, that they are using the works of Walter Russell without accreditation. They also seem to be locking people out of the program who come to this realization. I am one of those people. I paid money to them that has not been reimbursed. My emails do not get a reply and they do not have a phone number available.

There are so very many who have copied Walter Russell’s work without giving credit. This is unfortunate because truth always gets uncovered, and man always suffers the consequences of having covered it.

Walter and Lao Russell have ‘visited’ me (this is not like channeling or any other odd interpretation, but Innate Knowledge of their ‘frequencies’) more than a few times since the total severing from consciousness to awareness; they are with me in Oneness and coaching me directly as I refine my book “Without the idea of death”. Shortly after the severing from the senses on Oct 29 , 2009, they showed me in a vision that was out of this world a palace made of precious metals as of yet undiscovered by man. I didn’t Know “who” they were at the time. But time has uncovered their truth.




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