Maturing Man

The Cosmic Play of Creation is God’s grand illusion-making, and the Idea of Man is manifested as the star of the show, who learns to create the illusions of imaged desires on demand with his Maker.

On Earth, man is really young still, the sun-seed of his and her expression not yet a perfect sphere. He has not yet figured out that he is one, in, and with, his Source, that Source is friendly, and that Source shares all resources man needs to co-create freely. Homo barbarian believes he needs to kill and consume effects, to remain with his cause.

Yet, he is not homo barbarian as he believes himself to be, subject to having to take something creating in order to give creative ability to himself, he is Cosmic Man, and is Given all of the Ecstasy of Conception and Reproduction needed for re-giving, straight from Source.




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