Let God un-stitch ego

The urge to give in to the illusion of guilt and give up the old body “early” for either its believed-to-be-total-discontinuation or appropriation of the guiltless new must be transcended. The newborn is not the answer to the old until the old has naturally been released to it’s re-birth. Life interchanging with death is seamless in Reality. The ego tries to stitch and unstitch its own seams, and it call the squares of its quilt ‘boxes of life’ that cannot be touched by, or escape from, their borders. This is the ego’s version of creating, not God’s.

There is recall of ending the appearance of this body due to buying into the illusion of guilt in creating, and the delay between the old and the new was excruciating. The idea was not sound; the old image remained, only it became inaccessible for upgrading, until under God’s laws, it was ready again to be born. And the wound came with the new body, into the next chapter for healing.

Concept and upgrades to concept always birth, mature and complete, and return to Source for further inspiration, of their own accord. The ego believes it can control the unfolding and refolding of God’s ideas through literal force – ie, it can speed things up, or slow things down, through the use of force against the body. Yet it cannot control the wave of concept that was ordained to unfold its own timeline, in the Timelessness of the Mind of God.

Let God be the One, to unstitch the ego.


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