Letting go of the death grasp

The head population on Earth clings to the idea of death in a death grasp. Programmed to believe that life is radiating its way without balancing gravitation to universal death-by-entropy, folks fear and hate the Creator of the universe, and allow the ego of consciousness to reign sovereign. Religions based on fear of God ‘normalize’ this reign of terror.

The universe is a homogeneous creating substance that continually goes two ways between appearance and disappearance. Everything being degenerated is being regenerated in exactly the same volume that was degenerated. All that changes within the substance of God is volume. Man does not create the substance of God, though he has the same ability as God to manipulate volume.

The ego is focused on what can be perceived through the senses. The senses detect the illusion of temporary heterosexuality within permanent homogeneity. They do not detect reality, or eternity. The ego has no proof of death beyond observation of partial effect; and yet it clings with viciousness to the idea, convinced that what is out of sight, is truly out of Mind.




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