Commanders of Love

The way energy is simultaneously extended from/to the Light of God to display the lights of mankind is very simple, and once set in motion, forever repetitive and inexhaustible. One Light serves as the Fulcrum of Light for infinite light levers that Man, One with God as God’s Idea of a mutually creating thing, uses to set the Magnetic Stillness in electrical motion and give image to desire.

The ego of consciousness on this planet, that gains information through the senses alone, does not include half of the available resources for energy replication, and imbalance has naturally occurred.

Dimensionless God Thought to birth the sun, which birthed the Earth, which manifests His ideas in dimension. All dimensions are all being drawn “back” to His Thought in the reverse of their appearances. Back is in quotations because nothing ever leaves God’s Thinking; all is “moving” within God’s Being by Thought, and this movement is seeming only, based on direction from or to Stillness. This interchange between form and its formless environment within one power source is easily replicated.

“I am filling with energy to burn off” (moving away from stillness) and “I am sleepy, winding down” (moving back to stillness) are the two opposing directions that come from and return to non-motion – continuously. Nothing ever leaves the Stillness of God but by a description of a break in the interchange between activity and inactivity.

One is God’s Idea of Man: The Son of God. The body is manifested through the motion God set into play to form the solar system that manifests it. One with Source, one can manifest bodies to suit one’s own desires, but only within the limits of the overall system set in motion by God. Death of limitation by Knowledge of the metaphysics behind limits is desired. One cannot help but yearn to return to all sources of appearances of limitation in reverse – and “go” “back” to the mother, to the earth, to the sun, to the Stillness of the Source of the Idea. (*On a side note, this natural reversal is why it is imperative to voluntarily honor one’s parents).

Working with God through the framework of the acting body provided, one can manifest bodies of invention that free the Son of God from resorting to the ego’s database of false premises that are based on describing and believing to be real a break in interchange.

Everything appears from nothing, and seems to go back into it. Half of the resources available to man are tapped from nothing, but they are locked up tight, by the ego’s refusal to look there for them.

When we put Creator back in creation, and forget about referring to the ego’s database, partnered with Truth and knowing the limits on creating, we will be able to take co-command of the system God set in motion. “Motion” to and from stillness is, in Reality, Known only as the Pulse of God’s Thought. This Pulse contains all Knowledge.

God Thinks of Man to be His Partner in eternal Creativity, and Know the Ecstasy of commanding Love, to beget Love.



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