Teacher of illusion

The ego’s teaching about illusion being true does not follow one back to God. Try as one might, it is not possible to stay with a story; all stories end in the welcoming bliss of inertia in their Source.

All illusions of being without the Father pass by. The illusions of Heaven and Hell, and a Kindergarten Classroom called “Earth” for the creators of fantastic illusion to learn of their Creator, pass by.

The Earth’s story goes back to the sun, taking with it all evidence of manifestation, and yet there is no death. The sun goes back to God for renewal, to repeat the same cycle over again. This repetition of eternity is what man needs to overcome the belief in the perishable as being real.

Enlightenment is the only way “out” of the box of mirrors that tells the story, that the ego believes to be true.


2 thoughts on “Teacher of illusion

  1. Cynthia

    Hi, Darcie. What are your thoughts on the future of this planet? There is so much seeming disharmony, hatred, and greed among the human race today. Do you believe we will become united as a planet and as a people within the next few decades? I am hopeful we will be able to…


    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      Humanity is in dire need of an energy supply that is based on the way God sets the stillness in motion, vs the way sense-based ego does. God does it effortlessly, ecstatically, and ego sacrifices and suffers for it. Natural resources and the electrical grid are exhaustible and take great effort to build, maintain and extract. People are unhappy about all the effort it takes to gain energy, and terrified of energy loss. Currently, technology for providing energy is focused on the belief that the universe moves in only one direction at once, and consumes energy as it does so, and so has developed engines based on that premise. The universe goes both ways at once, however, with one way only being in preponderance of the other until they reverse their directions and “switch” roles; nothing is ever naturally exhausted the way we exhaust nature. Everything expanded into seeming extinction is renewed by its concentration. What one can see is continuously interchanging with what one can’t see. New inventions for energy sources will include the energy that cannot be seen. Stay hopeful, and rest in God’s Love, the Source of all inspiration for mankind.<3



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