Universal Kindergarten 101

Child – there is no death. The Earth is being drawn back into the sun, which is being drawn back into the space around it. The sun will pop back out again “on the other side” of it’s old wave-field, and restart the process of God’s Idea for it unfolding.

Man is not being chased by God back into the fiery sun of man’s origin to a fate of extinction, but drawn back to God, in order to repeat the process until all of mankind graduates from the belief in death.

There is nothing to wait for; there is no death coming. There is no end to the play of creation. There is only the Present Moment in the Stillness of Reality with God. There is only Perfect Rest in the Love begetting Love that is the Ecstasy of Thinking in Tandem with Source.

The only “escape” from the seeming motion of the eternal unfolding and refolding of the Idea of Man is enlightenment of the falsity presented by the ego of consciousness that collects information derived by the senses. Enlightenment is Universal Kindergarten. The Earth is a Kindergarten Classroom.

Lesson #1: The senses are meant to detect and adjust illusion, not reality. Effect is illusion of cause. Ecstatic thinking brings idea into seeming effect; yet the ecstasy of the effect is solely in its cause. To seek for ecstasy in effect is insane; nothing lives but the cause of life.

Knowledge of Oneness with the Creator of the sun destroys the agony of awaiting its destruction and rebirth.

In the meantime, welcome to class.



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