The Queens of Grand Mothers take their places as the Blind King and Sanjaya

One Queen of Grand Mothers, said to the other –

“Let’s play house before we grow up and have to play for real. You can be the Blind King,

and I will be Sanjaya. You can pretend not to Know, and I can pretend to tell you so.”

The other Queen of Grand Mothers nodded, adorned a fake crown, smoothed her clothing, took her place in a make-believe throne, and then closed her eyes.

“I do not Know,” she said softly. Softly she smacked her palm against the arm of her throne. Then she closed her closed eyes harder, and smacked harder – and cried, “I do not Know! Sanjaya, you must tell me the truth!” This Queen was rather dramatic, and she loved the Blind King’s role.

“Ah, for that, I written you a book. But since you are blind, I shall have to read it for you.”

And so she began.



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