The image maker

When you made visible what is not true, what is true became invisible to you (ACIM)

The senses were meant to detect illusion and meet it with Love, not to veil Reality and run from it.

Looking through the smallness of the senses, the world has learned falsehood in place of working with the giant truth. The senses are like virtual reality goggles providing an image in motion to what is invisible and motion-less, and dimension to what has none; and through them, we have come to believe that motion and dimension are permanent and true realities.

Man does as God does, creates images in virtual motion within dimensions of virtual reality in the Dimensionless Stillness of Reality. The Idea of Man is but the image-maker in the Mind of God. Death does not apply to the Idea of Man, or to the image-making capacity. The Idea and the capacity are eternal.

The truth lies not in the finished product, but in the Idea.




3 thoughts on “The image maker

    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      Man is only Gods Idea. The body is made however man, in working with God or against God, desires it to be made. All that lives is in God, in His Idea of Man in the Godhead. One with God, the Idea is where man lives forever. The created body comes and goes on the stage of consciousness as it is called for; it does not live like the Idea does. The body was never created or decreated; its creation is ongoing.



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