Excerpt from the book, “Without the idea of death”

I stopped blogging here routinely, in order to focus on finishing my book, “Without the idea of death”.

The book has evolved and expanded from the free .pdf version I offered last spring and the version that was briefly for sale on Amazon (if you bought that one, let me know, and I can reimburse you). It has become much more in-depth and at the same time, more readable. I could continue to write it indefinitely, as it gives me great joy and purpose — and the more I write, the better the writing gets. At the same time, I am looking forward to the joy of sharing it.

Here is an excerpt from it:

From a young age I felt innately and indescribably uncomfortable with the body. The body did not seem to wholly represent me, or that which is within and aware of looking out through the forward-moving event horizon the body provides. The body, to me, was like a straw to peer through that frames only a small portion of actual existence. I felt helplessly bound to the “heavy clay garment” that seemed to keep me with this small portion of existence, and I yearned to understand why. I wanted to comprehensively understand what formless Mind was, what consciousness of form was, and what the meaning of sensation was.

I would learn, through direct Knowledge that wholly transcended all experience within consciousness of form and was simultaneously void of, but inclusive of, all sensation as One Quality of Being, that I am One with the Soul of the universe of creating things, ever in nothing but Supreme Ecstasy in the Mind I share with my Creator. I am God’s ecstasy; I am God’s Beloved Son, at rest in Father’s Love. I Am the Idea of Man, in seeming motion only, as I become what I already am, in the Stillness of my Source. My Mind is One in my Father’s; it has never been apart.

I would come to realize that the Idea of Man is manifested in form that is only seeming, and is not the Idea of it as the body implies. Idea is manifested into seeming image of it through God’s dual “father” and “mother” lights that simultaneously serve sequentially opposing functions to simulate the images of mankind centered by God’s Real Light, and these two lights weave the tapestry of visible life, but only as one perceives through the senses, and only a small portion of it. I would learn that there is no separation between the simulated light of man and the Light of God, or the simulated love of man and the Love of God. It is all God’s Light and all God’s Love – the Real, and the simulated, are one in their Creator, and in me – yet there is a big difference in the Knowledge of Light and Love, and the perception of their simulations. The former is true and eternal Reality, the latter is reality that is only seeming.”

The book describes, over and over, this integral difference between the eternal Reality of God’s Still Light and the unreality of the simulated lights in motion, and explains how the three are One.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017



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