Dr Hawkins’ MOC and Walter Russell’s octaves of perception

A brief writing break from reading; I am 2/3 of the way through The Universal One by Walter Russell. It seems prudent to read this document in person before finishing and publishing my book, “Without the idea of death”.

Dr David R Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness (R) corresponds with Walter Russell’s octaves of perception.

Knowledge is perception of dimension-less existence, nothing more” (Walter Russell). On Doc’s MOC, he labels the 6th octave or consciousness level “600” as the beginning of enlightenment or perception of dimensionless existence. The fourth octave or that of crystallized carbon which is frozen light units presenting the illusion of solidified concept – the carbonated octave of reason –  he calls the “400’s”. (Concept appears this way, so believed, reasonably, to be that way).

The octaves above the 400’s cannot be reasonably perceived as the apparent “speed” of motion they represent is too “fast” for the senses to compute. Light doesn’t actually travel; the “speed of light” is a qualifier for the appearance of dimension. Dimension is illusion. Illusion doesn’t travel, it is reproduced dimension. Conditioned love at 500 is between an apparent “this and that” – still based in the illusion of dimension being necessary for love to take place. The speed of unconditional love in the 540’s plus on the MOC is not perceived as formed concept, but is Known as the “beginning” of dimensionless knowledge that is Love and is the Source of all things taking place.

Doc labels 1000 as “the top of the map” – “Christ Consciousness” that is Aware of the inert causes of all moving effects – situated in inertia or the “zero point of stillness”. Situated in inertia, One is wholly aware of Oneness with Source as Being the only Reality and the illusion of separation from Source by formed concepts as being only unrealities. Knowledge of dimensionless existence is uninterrupted by the myriads of swirling storms of concept that seem to come and go from the One Being without conception.


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