The bears in God’s Cosmic Play

The vilification of the ego looks down upon the innate propensity to get, and glorifies the propensity to give, when there cannot be one without the other and neither need glorification or vilification. God works through interchange of pairs of opposites, and where they meet on common ground does life repeat.

The bears, close to the finish line on the salmon’s run are not evil for their clever propensity to collect their dinner there, often just before the salmon reach the pinnacle of their lives of sexual union and the setting of the stage for the species next year. And yet, watching those salmon, aiming for the top of the stream for the good of the whole shoal, one can’t help but root for them, and therefore seem to root against the bear. One thinks, “Oh, bear, wait. Wait until the salmon have reached their pinnacle, and there they will die for an easier dinner.”

Mother-Father God doesn’t wait to interchange, though. God doesn’t wait to climax; God is Climax and God’s Continuous Coming continuously becomes all of the universe in play – all of the mental foreplay in the world cannot delay the interchange of Love bringing Life into Being that is both creation and evolution.

The bears in God’s Cosmic Play cannot be made to wait.


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