Q & A with Darcie French on God’s Ingredient and Recipe for the eternal expression of the Idea of Man

Q: Hi, Darcie. You responded to my last question with the following:

“Yes; thank-you for posting this quote. In the state in the fire, I absolutely, indescribably Knew that I am a creation of God’s, and that I am nothing but God’s Beloved. I Knew only the Interchange of Love begetting Love as it extends for eternity and is the ‘how’ of creation outside of time.”
I understand that there is only God, one being, that is the “Interchange of Love begetting Love as it extends for eternity” These are not two beings “loving each other” but Love knowing Itself. And nothing but God/Love exists there. Is this correct?
If we have eternally existed as the One, then I don’t understand what it means that we are “Created”?


A: Good morning Allison 🙂

“I and the Father are one” said Jesus – by the use of “Father” it sounds like two beings “loving each other” – father and son – and also may imply a “Mother” to go with Father to produce the Son – yet it is all one nonlinear Source dividing one still light into two seemingly active ones that reflect where they join the One Light of Source’s Idea. Perhaps Jesus used the word Father because his audience was terrified of Source and needed a frame of reference based in love that also conveyed authority. “I am one with Power Source” would likely not have made sense to those with ideas like the ark of the covenant in mind.

All seeming divisions come from One Mother-Father Source, but they are only seeming – Mother-Father never actually divides into mother and father – nothing breaks away from Source but resolves back into its origin. Nothing is born and nothing dies. Perception of separation is only by seeming division from Oneness and Knowledge is only of the nonlinear, non-sensed, non-seeming Love that Powers the sensed; Knowledge is of the One Love inscribed through interchange by the creator with creation, perception describes the manifest inscriptions.

All is God’s One Being, under God’s Supreme Control; nothing can be created without God a priori to supply the Ingredient and the Recipe, including the Idea of Man. One can co-create with God by realizing oneness with God’s Ingredient (Love) for creation and Recipe (Interchange of Love begetting Love) for making love manifest; but one can’t define God-Inscribing Knowledge as being secondary to inscription; it comes First.

The Idea of Man in the Mind of God has always been, and man’s evolution through God’s recipe for expression is always the same. The cosmic play is eternal as man rises from the primordial ooze to eventually explore the cosmos without the idea of death. The play becomes Known as a play as man evolves, Oneness with Power Source becomes Known to be eternal, and the only end that comes to it is the belief in separation.


4 thoughts on “Q & A with Darcie French on God’s Ingredient and Recipe for the eternal expression of the Idea of Man

      1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

        The state is 100% qualitative oneness. One with Love – BeLoved, inseparable from and interchanging with Love – the same as Love in Quality of Being – wholly in receipt of Love and by interchange, returning Love to whence it came.


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