Ascension cannot be done alone. One joins with God and thus with everyone and works with Him as co-creator to build a Knowing race that will manage the perils of the cosmos through direct Knowledge of how the cosmos works, and how to work with it. Neighbors are the start of the community that raises these cosmic children: children who Know of their oneness with Source are raised by adults who join together. One joins with one’s neighbor to manifest heaven on earth as a community, and together one reaches into the cosmos for the guiding hands of the future community that are ever extended.

The idea of man plays out as one, and the perils of we earthlings-at-war are but memories to those who have joined their neighbors in communion with Source and have transcended our limitations. In looking back with love to bring unknowing neighbors with is God’s help extended, and in looking forward to meet the helping hands of our future neighbors in love is God’s help accepted.

“In timelessness we exist as one with God, in time, we exist with and for each other.” One’s neighbor accompanies one on the journey of life, and so does one “treat thy neighbor as thyself” as the Sonship aims for the heavens and ascends.


2 thoughts on “Ascension

  1. Allison

    Hi, Darcie. You responded to my last question with the following:
    “Yes; thank-you for posting this quote. In the state in the fire, I absolutely, indescribably Knew that I am a creation of God’s, and that I am nothing but God’s Beloved. I Knew only the Interchange of Love begetting Love as it extends for eternity and is the ‘how’ of creation outside of time.”
    I understand that there is only God, one being, that is the “Interchange of Love begetting Love as it extends for eternity” These are not two beings “loving each other” but Love knowing Itself. And nothing but God/Love exists there. Is this correct?
    If we have eternally existed as the One, then I don’t understand what it means that we are “Created”?

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