The power of heterosexual monogamy – making love manifest

Monogamous heterosexual partnership is evident everywhere in God’s creation. Nature relies on it and without it, nothing created can endure. Marriage between male and female is sacred God-Thought-Of geometry and without it, no shapes can be made to repeat over time.

Heterosexual monogamy is incredibly powerful. Heterosexual monogamy is the secret formula of knowing alchemists manifesting the glorious to collect together, as one. The how-to of making love manifest is no secret, though, to those who Know of God’s Interchange of Love begetting Love that is the how-to of creation.

Everything in this sex-linked universe is divided from one and therefore comes back together as one – it is a closed universe that is self-sustaining by interchange between pairs of opposites. The invisible heavens divide their resources equally with the visible earth and vice versa in a continuous give-take interchange. When two people act like heaven and earth they power each for the other, and as one powerful entity, they make love become what they mutually desire to create.


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