Metaphysics of manifestation

Missing from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the direction to uncovering innate knowledge of oneness with Source and thereby awareness of one’s eternal power and capacity to create with it. The assumption is that needs must be met by an outside source, when all it takes to meet all needs is recognition of and alignment with Source Power within. An “out-quiry” is recommended vs an inquiry, and outsourcing power depletes it; it does not refresh it like inquiry does.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added,” said Jesus Christ the Lord our savior.

It is upside-down backwards day for ego that stays up when one should sleep and stays down when one should be up – while setting the stage for sacrifice and peering through limits at limitation, abundance of Source and the Will to share it with self goes unnoticed.

When one gets the proper sleep, activity, food, hydration and monogamous heterosexual activity to function as a proper unit of creation, one can’t help but notice how God works and work along with Him, from the inside out.


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