Worried about world peace? Stay home and make love to your spouse.

The high heavens of imagination do nothing but create seeming stages for balanced sexual activity. Notice all of nature is working towards the goal of sex between opposites – two that are different to come together as one that is the same, or one that is the same that divides as two that are different in order to come back together as one. Sex-drive is the foundation of metaphysics – it is the very drive to polarize idea into life manifest. All of God’s creatures in His Theater of Love are driven by the creative urge to join in sexual union. Deny or manipulate the urge for heterosexuality, and imbalance results.

“If you want world peace, stay home and love your family” said Mother Theresa. Fighting for peace does nothing but delay heterosexual union and puts a seeming stop-frame on creation. Think of all the wars going on where lovers are split apart because of them. Forget war. Stay home and make love to your spouse. Your creations will thank you, and thereby increase world peace.


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