Make God your spouse

If there doesn’t seem to be an opportunity for monogamous heterosexual partnership, make God your spouse until the opportunity arises in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Avoid homosexuality as it manifests form to go with imbalanced ideas that cannot endure.

There cannot be rain without its monogamy with drought, nor drought without rain. The heavens give to the earth and the earth gives back to the heavens so the heavens can give again. This is the sacred interchange between opposites that is the basis of manifestation and dissolution of universal form. Homosexuality does not utilize the interchange of creation; it has no creative power behind it.

Get to Know God, first and foremost, and proper sexual drive and creative expression will fall into place.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven”. Get to Know how God works, work with Him through His heterosexual unions, and pay testimony only to His gifts.




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