Easily compose only the glorious to collect forever more

Voluntary sleep loss is the most disabling phenomenon on the planet – what God gives is not regiven, when sleep is forsaken, and one is unable to collect God’s gifts. Without sleep, it is not possible to manifest anything new, and one ends up on a hamster wheel seeming to go nowhere.

The denial of God by the refusal to surrender to sleep is extreme in today’s population that is focused not on Cause, but on effects. There are sleepwalkers everywhere, up in the night like random music boxes unwinding hither-nither – when new compositions could be wound.

Sleep accesses God’s Love and sources all recovery. Sleep at night balances the activity during the day and re-infuses the next day with purpose. Sleepwalkers are purposeless; they have nothing to give back. The high heavens of imagination are not accessible in the polarized state, and polarization is not possible without desire for expression in the depolarized state. Desire for expression is in the Mind of God, eternally awake, and not limited by the currently expressed. Rest in this desire nightly, cure all disability, and easily compose only the glorious at night, to collect forever more during the day.


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