Giving back is as natural as taking

What does it mean to “give back” to God? Does it mean wearing sack cloth and sorting the embers from the ashes? Does it mean volunteering for a special religious or spiritual cause? Does it mean saving the world from the other side of life? Does it mean sacrifice, or pain in anyway – does it mean even just the smallest amount of discomfort? No – God never requires discomfort.

God maintains Supreme Control by ensuring the Supreme. No need to do anything for God but to just Be what He created. One allows what is to unfold without breath-holding or shit-holding or bladder-holding or altering the natural pace of the interchange, rejoicing in the Knowledge that comes to the surface via the freedom of being.

Notice that you breathe in and out, and that you take food and water in and put it out. You take God-given materials in and out. Breathing in and taking sustenance in is taking what God gives, and breathing out and eliminating is giving what God gave back. Notice you can’t help but take what you have been given, and you can’t help but give it back.

God made the interchange of give and take for His Supreme Pleasure – your breath and your eliminations are Supreme. To give back what you have been given, stop thinking you need to hold on to it. Let it go.


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