Get to Know Light at its Source

The Brahmajyoti or God’s Effulgence is highly addictive to the spiritual ego, and many get caught in its web as the world awakens to the divinity of Allness. Many a spiritual teacher is addicted to sharing about the rays of the sun without actually Knowing the mechanics of the sun’s existence, and therefore they can only share about their experience in the sunshine when the sun is apparent. They cannot share Knowledge about the Source of the sun when the sun is not apparent. They do not Know that the sun is still there when the clouds come out; when it rains, they lose the high of basking in the rays of God, and they then feel subject to “the down side”. Duality still reigns.

Few have severed from the senses to Know God directly and have returned to the world of perception to share that Knowledge. These few have wholly escaped the veil of Maya and the reliance on intermittent sunshine for happiness – the Light is Known at its Constant Happy Source – before the sun was even born.

To be like these few and transcend the bipolar roller coaster of experiencing intermittent rays, look within, and Interchange forever with the Source of Light itself.


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