Two come together as One

My relationship with my husband is the most important relationship. When we are a united front, we make only One Love, and we create the way God does. All of our children are made in love and we rejoice in them – whether they are human, animal or plant.

Singles are in motion until they find balance in a matching opposite. A balanced coupling is the holy grail of relationship.

When I met my husband in 2001, we were both extremely unbalanced from unnatural sex-linking. We had made imbalanced connections with other partners prior to our coupling, and those extensions, for years, seemed to “try” and split us apart. In an ideal world, neither of us would have had sex until we met each other, and we would not have had such insane sex karma.

Everything in this universe is sex-linked. Singles in motion are trying to find rest in a perfectly matched opposite. The rest that occurs in a marriage of balance perfectly simulates the Absolute. And it is for this reason only that two come together as One.




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