The Ultimate Lover

Everything in God’s light reflective universe is created through ongoing balanced heterosexual interchange. Nothing is exempt from God’s Love Principle that Love begets Love to infinity, in a fantastic light show that is God’s Cosmic Display of His Sexual Thinking. Man produces unwanted effects through his sexual relations only by the propagation of imbalanced ones; he is programmed by God to carry out balanced relations like God does and when he does not, there are unwanted effects that do not occur naturally. In nature, all animal and plant species naturally carry out balanced mating and do not produce unbalanced effects.

The Idea of Man is God’s Masterpiece unfolding as One Body in the Heavens, and man shares God’s Being through this Idea enfolded in God’s Mind and unfolding as His Body. Man is One with God by his very creation. The Idea of Man is God’s and His Body is manifested through sexual interchange that unfolds what is enfolded. Without the sexual interchange through desire in the Mind of God the body would not be expressed to satisfy that desire; the body is desired to be as an expression of the Idea of Man unfolding. While the body is not the enfolded Idea, it is an unfolding framework for God and man to work with in manifesting Love together as One Being I Am. The body is made of mirrors made of God’s Light with lights shone in the mirrors to perfectly reflect all angles and inches of God’s Thinking His Idea into His Love made manifest. Look at the body in God’s Light, because God’s Light is all there is.

One shares with God the ability to work on the body and share in the creation of all things wonderful for the experience of it. God is the Ultimate Lover. Homo spiritus, Knowing of this Oneness in his ability to Love, carries out his sexual relations in a balanced manner, and Knows he is co-creator with God.


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