Walking meditation

At first with a severance from the senses and return to them, there may be the belief that vibration was somehow not an aspect of One Being I Am, and therefore one doesn’t care to attempt through desire to interact in form to personally vibrate them anymore. One wishes to relax the mind and let go and be free of all past desires for sensual activity. The polarized day of sensual activity may even seem boring and flat and lacking in quality for a time compared to the ecstasy of the depolarized night wherein all things visible rest in the invisible arms of Oneness. One desires this Oneness, voiding the desire to collect the effects of prior cause. Eventually the idea that one could put a stop-frame on I Amness wears out, and evolution continues in a new vein of greater understanding. Divinity is Allness. Polarization and depolarization are One Being I Am; one is never divided between the two states.

Cosmic persons whose consciousness was severed from sensing to that of Awareness and back to sensing but with Awareness may seem as if to need to find a new kind of balance between the world of the senses and the world that refreshes them. This balance is found through constant surrender to what is already balanced – God within. With surrender, desires in the Mind of God are allowed their expression and natural fulfillment without personal intervention. There never was a person separate from God; all is God Being I Am.

The zombies of the world walk around in ignorance of cause, unaware of patterns repeating, in tune with only the senses designed to collect effects. Without metaphysical knowledge of how mind perpetuates effects they know not of the cause of the unwanted effects they perpetually collect. The Masters walk in tune with Central Intelligence, One with Cause. They meditate or commune always with God no matter what effects are in motion. Meditation depolarizes idea and allows one to rest in Source without the static of reflection. Meditation dissolves the men in the mirror, and resurrects to one’s consciousness Awareness of the One Self that cannot be seen, but Known. One learns to walk while in a meditative state – one in form and spirit with the balanced interchange of central Source, one is ever undivided by the belief in personal division from One Being I Am.




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