One Being I Am

We as if many are unfolding as one to the Total Awareness of the One Being I am. The seeming-to-be-many suns of the universe are but seedlings from the One Unfolded Seed of the One Enfolded Idea that is seeming to unfold and refold continuously to infinity from the event horizon of this One Being. “Creation and evolution are one in the same thing,” Dr David R Hawkins asserted. Both are of God; one may rest easy in one’s Being as ideas of motion from stillness seem to come and go. Minerals, vegetables and animals are of God instinctively; they act according to their specific creation and stage of evolution and they rest in their Being over the seeming courses of their lives from birth to death, without, like the human, personalized mental fluctuations about the meaning of life and death seeming to upset their equilibrium. Animals and plants and minerals don’t think about evolving form as creation being reborn, they are simply reborn.

One Being I Am is the Awareness we are coming to realize through one seemingly  created and eternally developing form that unfolds from start and refolds back to start to unfold from start again to refold again forever in a rhythmic pulse or universal heart beat from which all things are integrated and disintegrated by God. Through creation and evolution each individual life form comes to realize Self as the formless One Being I Am. Life gets easier and easier the closer one gets to Knowledge of Oneness and the innate understanding of how God’s Body works that is included and can then be knowingly worked with. One is God’s Being and not God’s imaginings; one is not a life-form but the Life that is Awareness of one’s form. One may be a co-creator with God by making life easier for all beings to Know God. Being is real and bodies are imagined beings of one shared reality. Being and bodies are one in God and we are coming to realize how it is God’s Being that is eternally real, and that bodies are but windows into God’s eternal imagining.

There was no fall from grace and there is no division from Oneness by God’s Idea that is manifested as God’s Body through man or animal or plant or mineral; fall happens only in thought via the free will to not evolve back to God and thereby refuse to find rest in the reality of Being. To decide for creative imbalance or miscreation is all man can do “wrong”, and nature will reset his equilibrium as part of his evolution as God created.



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