Oneness is forever

The end of the belief in a separated-by-splits/s(p)ins/stages/octaves-from-Central-Source self and the two-poled spherical spacetime classroom for it is built in by God, Who rests in His Still Self as One Being in Love, the Source of all Knowledge and thought made manifest. The thought of “individual”, like all ideas to divide Oneness, comes back to rest in One Undivided Mother-Father that is Father and Son, Creator and Creation, in perfect Balance, in Perfect Interchange of Beingness, in Perfect Equilibrium.

Reincarnation by seeming division from Oneness isn’t thought to be as such forever; Oneness is Known to be forever and this is the Memory built in by God. As long as one pays attention only to effects of division without inquiring into what was divided, reincarnation of current condition continues and one remains unaware. Acknowledge the Memory of Oneness and attention to the divided dissolves, and the idea of division disappears. One acknowledges form as effect, and knows it is not cause.

As part of the cycle of reincarnation of all thoughts in the Mind of God the electric body goes back to the seed of explosion that through thought conducted opposing pressure conditions re-explodes in new growth. When attention or identification lies in the re-growth not the Source of Rest for the seed, one seems divided from Source, and life is extended by division for a time until unity is again Known. All things in the Mind of God come back to rest in the One Still Light that centers all effectual interchange made manifest that one calls universal form. As all things in nature complete their cycles, as does the individual; Known Oneness with Source completes the cycle of division and so ends the drama of birth and death.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017



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