Father May I

Mankind thus far has been held spellbound by the senses and unaware as a whole of where Power comes from, or that Power is Given freely for the regiving. Light is Given for the shining.

The sensual body is comprised of electric current; it is thought-constructed wave lengths of light spun from vibrations of Still Light, verily expressed. The body is Self-created for the purpose of collecting effects of idea, and the senses are One’s universal collectors.

God is One. The power to create a sensual body of information is God-given, and there is no sin in it. Adam and Eve were the first desire of the Son to divide Oneness with the Father, and express the Light in His own way. Father is the Light, and His Son, One with the Father, invented electricity to express it. God is Knowledge, the expression of it, His Son. Knowledge is always one with its expression.

Father, May I?

Yes, My Son.

One is not a pair of electrical currents but the inventor of them; one is the Undivided Current. God has never separated Knowledge from thought – God wholly grants the ability to think and Provides the Knowledge base.

God’s Son forgets where his Knowledge comes from and what he asked for, for a time, and in fear, believes he is bound to an electric world of vibration, unable to recall his Father’s permission. One goes within, to Remember.

God said yes to you.

You are God’s Son, in whom He is well-pleased.

Copyright@Darcie French



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