Q & A “Was there a time in which the Son of God did not exist? Why does God need a Son when It is already everything?”

Q: Was there a time in which this “Son” did not exist? Why does God need a Son when It is already Everything?

A: The “Son of God” is the same as “the Christ”. The Christ is inseparable Half of God’s Being in Love and has always been. The Christ has never been separated from God except by the illusion in spacetime of the division of God’s One Light into dual opposing wave-length expressions of it that act as a mirror to reflect idea into image-bearing representations. It appears as if reflections or images are divided or separated from their Source yet reflections innately return to the Source of what they reflect – reflection is an equal aspect of the Whole of Light’s Being.

The incoming angle, called the angle of incidence, is always equal to the angle leaving the surface, or the angle of reflection.” Mirror Physics

The Son of God is God Knowing His Own Self in the Likeness of His Own Love and this Being Love has always been. What is extended by Light/Love is returned by Light/Love, for the function of Being Light/Love. The desire to have a child is a reflection of the desire to Know One’s Being in Love.

The Son of God “made in God’s image” is nonlinear in Reality – there are no angles, no lines and no surfaces to God’s Light/Love Being what it Is. The balanced interchange of extension/retraction of Light/Love is Autonomous – all Light/Love extended is innately returned.

Perceptually in spacetime God’s Son is made in His image as dual “image-bearers” by One Light seemingly patterned into dual reflections that seem to bear One separately. One “Son”  or the Genderless Christ is seemingly patterned into “male” and “female” reflections that put back together void their duality to simulate the Oneness they were patterned from.

God’s body of reflected images and centering Light to which all reflections/images return is Known as One to Be One – in Reality Knowledge of Oneness does not seem divided to or by reflection.

To be conscious of only reflection or bearing an image without attributing its Source is to seem to be separated from Source. Awareness of the Absolute is only Awareness of God’s Being directly reflected back to Him as One Supreme extension/retraction – “God and His Son” do not seem divided In Reality- they are One Being. One Undivided Being – God and Son – is Aware only of Being One Interchanging Light, which qualitatively is Awareness only of Being One Interchanging Love without separation.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017


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