Q & A on “Did God create His own Self? What did God create?”

Q: Did God create His own Self? What did He create if not God?

A: God is Self-creating by extension-reflection of His One Still Light that is All Knowing and He creates only the Supreme.

God created His own Son as His Self  (which is expressed by the Sonship) by extension of His Light, which is Knowledge, and the Sonship reflects all “parts” of His Idea back to Him. Knowledge/Light is extended and ideas or thoughts seeded within Light/Knowledge are patterned outcroppings of unfolded light-waves refolded or reflected back to their Source for God’s Knowing. God’s process of creation by extension and reflection of His Light to reflect/embody His Idea of His Self as His Son is Supreme.

The “tree of Knowledge” is a frame or reflection of God’s Awareness/Knowing – to “eat of the tree of Knowledge” is to seem to “murder/consume/take away” God’s Knowing from one’s Awareness. To eat of the tree of Knowledge is to seem to consume the reflection of God vs return to Him through it. The result of seeming to take God’s Knowing from Awareness is the production of more of what was consumed – taking part of the reflection vs resting in the return of the One Whole Supreme Idea of it produces an infinite loop of desire fulfillment seemingly substituting for fulfilling God’s Idea to reflect His Love as His Son/Self. And so from that perspective, one pays tribute to a world of seeming separation from Source vs Being a Knowing part of the Supreme Oneness of God’s Creation.




6 thoughts on “Q & A on “Did God create His own Self? What did God create?”

    1. Aaron

      Hello, Anonymous. There is no “Son” of God. “God” is infinite, eternal, and formless… Pure Awareness without beginning and without end. You know the simple awareness of your own Being, knowing you exist? THAT is God. You ARE THAT. It is extremely simple. Your own simple Self-awareness IS Self, IS “God”.

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