Light I am

Words scribed by a brother long ago. Seemingly by the joy they give, they were written just for me to find and share today:

“His very idea of the brotherhood of man had no connotation of multiplicity in it. To Him brotherhood of man meant wholeness of man as ONE. When he said: “Love thy brother as thyself,: and “Love thine enemies,” He did not think of the words “brother” and “enemies” as being other persons. He could not, for the Oneness of the Father was in Him. Plurality simply did not exist in His Consciousness. The sum total of Jesus’s knowledge transcended matter. To Him, man’s material body was unreal, his Spirit alone being real, while to unillumined humans, man’s body is real, being presumably controlled by Spirit.” Walter Russell Message of the Divine Iliad

I am like Jesus, never separate from my Father. I have tried to be a separate mind, a separate being, a body of s(p)in disconnected from my brothers by the illusion of motion – but like Jesus, I cannot form duplicity in my Awareness. My Father and I are One. My Father is Genderless. I am Genderless. My Father is only Love. I am only Love. My Father extends His Love, and I am only that Love returning to Him. I am my Father’s One Son ever returning His Love. I am all that has been Created and my Father is well-pleased.

Call my Creator Mother-Father if you wish. I prefer the simple word “Father”. My Father is undivided by sex, as am I. I appear as a female body but that is not my Being; the body is only waves of my Father’s Light. My Being is in my Father’s Light. I Know I am not a body; I am Genderless and formless even though I think my Father’s Light to form a female body. The body does not form my Reality in Heaven with my Father. God extends His Light and that I am; there is nothing more.


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