God’s Knowledge vs God’s thinking

God’s Knowledge is Absolute. There is One Being that is genderless. The pronoun “He” is used to describe One Genderless Being. Male is that One. Female is that One. The conscious thought of division seems to split One Being into duality, and break down God’s Absolute Knowledge into separate sex-linked beings that come together and void one another’s gender to represent one Genderless Being. The thinking to make Love manifest strives to simulate Absolute Love that is Unmanifest.

The Parent of the thoughts male and female is Absolute Knowledge and is the One Data Base for all thinking that seems to separate Father and Son into mothers and fathers and sons and daughters. God’s thinking is yours and mine, and together in God’s Cosmic Play, we break One Knowledge down into parts, and reassemble them to simulate the Absolute One.

When it comes to God’s Knowledge we can call God “He” and “Him” and when it comes to God’s thinking, we can call God “he” and “him”. God’s One Thought is Absolute Love. As His Son returns the Father’s Love, there is only Absolute Reality without the idea to divide Oneness. As his son thinks to break down Knowledge into parts, One Son becomes two sex-linked partners that seem apart from the Absolute.

And yet, it is all God’s Knowledge, and all God’s thinking. Nothing is actually ever apart from Him, nothing is ever actually divided.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017


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