Dissociation from Universal Knowledge by thinking it into parts

Knowledge is universal and it is eternal. Ignorance is only seeming. The veil of Maya covers Reality with the illusion of a screen of consciousness that seems to divide Awareness into the dual halves of “life and death”. And yet, Knowledge is universal and eternal. It cannot actually be removed from Awareness.

“Unless you first know something you cannot dissociate from it. Knowledge must precede dissociation, so that dissociation is nothing more than a decision to forget.” ACIM txt pg 183

Knowledge is of Oneness with Source, of Creation, of Direct Known Association with God, and there is no actual separation by thought to disassemble Oneness into separate components of it. There is only the decision to forget what is Known by identification with the embodied ideas that seem to take Knowledge apart.

God’s Light that centers all activity presented by his two moving lights of polarized observation is Still. God extends the power of observation for His son as he whims to take apart Knowledge, and then put it back together.

The Will of God is Association and is innately shared with the Son by His Creation. Without the power of God Being a priori to the idea to dissociate, there could be no way to decide.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017


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