Cloaked Knowledge

“I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God created me.” (ACIM) The wise Know this Truth, and yet, when another says or tries to prove that one is a body, the wise concede with that notion. The ego is sensitive and set to attack the one who denies the body’s reality and speaks to the truth of Heaven’s. Those who cloak Knowledge on purpose in order to unveil it do not act ahead of their time.

Jesus Knew of his Oneness with God, he Knew of his Birthright in the Kingdom of Heaven; he recognized the cloak of Knowledge for what it is and fully understood and conveyed that he is not it. His cloak was removed for this recognition. When Mary his mother wanted him to make wine out of water and he quieted her by saying, “It is not yet my time” – he meant it was not yet his time to be discovered and uncloaked.

Guiltless is the one who Knows of the Kingdom and not of the body, and the Guiltless are routinely crucified by those invested in guilt. Today’s messengers of Heaven are aware of the audience’s belief in the cloak, and so do not oppose it, but look past it to the Knowledge it seems to conceal.



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