Waste not the night, and the after-effects of sudden and total Revelation

In 2010, about six months after sudden and total Revelation, I learned the hard way, on 1-2 hours of sleep per night, how important sleep is to daily life. After six months of being virtually aware with little reprieve I almost left the body altogether, but out of love for my family, sought medical attention and was diagnosed with and treated for bipolar disorder. I strive to protect my sleep now, and recommend it as the cheapest way to go on a spiritual retreat.

From Walter Russell on the importance of sleep:

The night is the most important part of life. We waste our precious nights through not knowing what sleep means, and what it is that sleeps. Certainly it is not Consciousness which sleeps. It is also certain that there is no such state as unconsciousness. We must know that in order that we may make use of our nights to hasten our journey to our mountain top and not be limited to the day alone. The day is for thinking and acting; the night is for gaining new knowledge and inspiration for manifesting God in a masterly way. If our thinking is an extension of Light within us, our creations are masterpieces – and they must be because God does not fail us when He inspires us with His mighty rhythms.”

And then as I keep reading, Russell describes my own experience of sudden and total Revelation and the aftereffects to a “T”  … “Many people desire cosmic illumination at its fullest as the great mystics have experienced it. This rare experience is very dangerous because it is very difficult for the severed Consciousness to again function in the body by normal coordination of sensation and Consciousness. The best way to acquire the Light is to become aware of it gradually. Seek it by desiring it. New awareness and comprehension will then slowly awaken in you as the Inner Voice awakens you through inspiration. It is better to be gradually transformed as the whole human race marches toward the mountain top than to have it all at once and suffer the crucifixion and aloneness of being ahead of your time and waiting long, patient years in which you may not even speak of it.”

The aftereffects of the state in the fire when mind rejoined Mind and the universe never was were as severe as Russell states. I lost many close family members for years as they didn’t understand what had happened. It has taken almost a decade to relearn how to function again in the world “by normal coordination of sensation and Consciousness”.

But would I turn back now, and take it slow? Not a chance ❤ God is all I could ever desire, to Know.



2 thoughts on “Waste not the night, and the after-effects of sudden and total Revelation

  1. Robin Wilson

    Hello. I am not sure if my comments were received earlier. If they were, sorry to comment again.
    Is Creator and Created the same Consciousness/Awareness or is a “new” Consciousness created when God creates?

    Do we have a different awareness/being from God, and how does that fit with the nature of creation?

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