Conception of wave rhythms is universal

I am reading Walter Russell’s “The Message of the Divine Iliad” for the first time and yet none of it is strange or new information; it is completely familiar. Knowledge is universal, and so is cosmic information. Nothing is kept hidden or secret. All is of the Mind of God. God is the One Copyrighter of all that is. Knowledge of Oneness with God reveals all Knowledge and all information.
It is no surprise to read what one has already conceived of and written down, just in a slightly different way.  All symbols come from the wave rhythm writings of One Scribe.
“Whenever we create anything, we merely give form to an idea which exists in space as a wave rhythm. Creative thinking lies in the ability to conceive a rhythm and then give it a form which would cause others to feel the same emotion that the moonlight gave to Beethoven.
Fifty other musicians might have become inspired by the same rhythm and felt the same emotion sufficiently to have inspired them to write moonlight sonatas. If each one wrote his interpretation of that rhythm, all fifty themes would differ, but each one would give his hearers the same emotion. The extent to which man and God become One in their thinking is the measure of a man’s genius or of his cosmic Consciousness.” Walter Russell from the Message of the Divine Iliad pg 66
I invented and patented an infant sleep product over a decade ago and the market is now filled with similar but different products. The product I patented failed in the marketing stage, but many products based on the same principle have been successfully made and marketed since then that reference my patented design. I mention this to provide an example of how wave rhythms conceived of and put towards creating in the manifest world are available universally.
Copyright@Darcie French 2017

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