The interchange between creator and creation that is reflected in all of nature

There is an interchange between Creator and Creation that is absolute, and all interactions in nature and in relationships between men reflect this interchange.

This universe is founded upon love as manifested in the giving of one opposite to the other for regiving. The earth gives its forests to the heavens and the heavens give them back again to earth for equal regiving. Every dewdrop given by the heavens is equally regiven to the heavens by the earth. Equal interchange between opposite conditions manifests the love principle of balance upon which God’s universal body is founded.” Walter Russell from the Divine Iliad

At the absolute level of creation, there is only One Creator in love with One Creation and One Creation in love with One Creator in an ongoing interchange of never-divided given and “regiven” love.  The two are undivided; they never were divided. In Reality, God and “His Son” are eternally inseparable as One “Rhythmic Balanced (Love) Interchange”.

The play of Creation consists of dividing all idea into two opposite parts. What each half does in relation to the other half constitutes the play. Such divisions into halves are male and female—buyer and seller—positive and negative—compression and expansion, and countless other divisions of ideas into unbalanced pairs for the purpose of expressing those ideas.” Walter Russell from the Divine Iliad

The material universe/God’s Cosmic Play/the expression of ideas is founded on this interchange between Creator and Created, between God and His Son. Love is manifested based on this interchange between pairs of opposites. At the level of Creation, the Oneness of Creator and Creation was never divided into opposites, and yet there is still an equal interchange Known Qualitatively as Begotten (Created) Love energetically regiving back to its Source, which is Creator’s given Love. Love is given and regiven, given and regiven, continuously without the idea of division.



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