God’s Number One Law

There is nothing and no One but God. There are no laws but God’s laws. God’s Number One Law is Love; all there is, is God’s Love. One is in God’s Love. All Being is of God’s Love. All ideas spring from God’s Love and by law, return to rest in His Love. Break God’s Law by developing the body to breed hate, and be prepared for hell to appear manifest in place of the Kingdom.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven because that is where the laws of God operate truly, and they can operate truly only because they are the laws of truth. But seek this only, because you can find nothing else. There is nothing else. God is All in all in all in a very literal sense. All being is in Him who is all Being. You are therefore in Him since your being is in His.” ACIM txt pg 119

“The body is nothing more than a framework for developing abilities, which is quite apart from what they are used for. That is a decision. ” ACIM txt pg 119

All there is to Know and Live By and Decide For is God and His Number One Law. All abilities must be decided to be used for Love – by Law. When physical abilities are developed instead to manifest hate, not Love, God’s Law seems broken, and the mind believes the Self to be in hell.



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