Break the law, and God still Loves

“The body is nothing more than a framework for developing abilities, which is quite apart from what they are used for. That is a decision.” (ACIM txt pg 119)

God’s Number One Law is Love; and the body is meant to be developed as a tool to communicate Love. The decision to use the body to communicate hate (aka to kill Love) has drastic seeming consequences.

The s(p)in of hate from the Stillness of Love seems to break the law that Love must be extended/communicated. God Loves His Son no matter his s(p)ins from Love; all consequences are only seeming in God’s Cosmic Play, which is a classroom of learning tools for the Son of God to perfect his abilities to conform to God’s Law. Break the law and there will be consequences, and yet God still Loves.


3 thoughts on “Break the law, and God still Loves

  1. Robin Wilson

    Hello. It’s me again… I have to ask this again in another way… 🙂

    In Eastern traditions like Advaita for instance, there is simply One Self, uncreated, that is existence-consciousness-bliss.

    There is only one infinite soul/being/consciousness. Being infinite and eternal, nothing else can come into existence or be created, because you can’t add anything to what is infinite…

    What is the difference between that philosophy and what you experienced? Was our soul brought into being and would not have otherwise existed?

    Or do you mean more that Self is in a relationship with Itself and there is no Awareness that was actually created?

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  2. Robin Wilson

    Or to put it another way, why is it not simply that we are Awareness without a Creator? That seems far more elegant and simple to me and am what I am used to.

    When I have experiences of being pure awareness during meditation, I am only Self without another. Are you saying that this Awareness only exists because it was Created? Did God decide to create it?

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