Q & A on the one Idea of man and the unconditional extension of Awareness

Q: Can you elaborate on what you mean by the “unconditional extension” of awareness, awareness being created, rather than simply self-existent/eternal?

A: The Supreme Being within man is God’s Idea – His Son; All comes from the Mind of God. God created “Adam” in His Likeness; though Adam did not have a name or a form until after the belief in separation.

Adam is God’s One Son who thought to divide himself from oneness by several splits/spins/dissociations from His Identity as God’s Son. All relationships on Earth are reflections, or enactments, of the intimate interchange between Adam and His Father in Heaven.

It is God’s Idea or Thought of Adam and Adam’s idea to split from Oneness; the idea of a split from Oneness produces the illusion of men/women striving to become what God’s Idea already is.

This quote from the Divine Iliad seems fitting: “Man must begin to see the unitary principle of man- knowing that there are not separate men or separate individuals, but that the whole man idea is one.”

Awareness is Self-existent as you say; it is the Silence behind/beyond/between all thought that can only be split from by attention paid to other ideas. This Silent Awareness is what the sons of Adam all inherit from their Father in Heaven, Who unconditionally extends it to His One Son. This state is generally blocked by the senses, by what is passed down from the original split. In the Absolute state of Awareness, there is only the Inheritance from the Father; there is only the Knowledge of Oneness, which includes the nonlinear, energetic qualitative equivalence of gratitude, for Being Creator’s Creation.

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4 thoughts on “Q & A on the one Idea of man and the unconditional extension of Awareness

    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      The intellect cannot grasp what can only be Known. At some point, the energy to question must be released through meditation or other mode of release. Knowledge is recalled through Self-Inquiry. When the light goes on as the saying goes, it will be Known that it never went out.


    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      I am reading the Divine Iliad for the first time and am on page 32 - here is a quote that urges one to do the self-inquiry:

      "The reason you get a little at a time instead of much is simply because the transition from sensing to knowing is a difficult one. If you have been accustomed to acquiring information through the senses, that habit is so strong that you just try to memorize what your senses have recorded on your brain instead of closing your book and talking it over with God directly. That is the only way you can KNOW anything. Your failure to understand is because the sensed records you have engraved upon your brain have no understanding in them. Knowledge is cosmic. When you take your sensed impressions into the Light of yourself and ask that knowledge be revealed to you through the Light, you will then have knowledge concerning what you have been reading --- and not until.

      How often you have heard the expression "Be still and know." To be still for the purpose of knowing is
      to think your information back into the Light of your inner Self until you have stopped thinking. Silent
      meditation fixes that information into your Consciousness as knowledge. Very few people do that.
      They are quite content with storing vast quantities of information upon their brains. Very few know that they can talk it over with God by thinking it back into His still Light which they also are. Those who do know that acquire great knowledge and power to co-create with God."



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