Q & A on gratitude for God’s creation

Q: Hello. I have been reading through your blog, and I see that you have addressed this question multiple times, but I still have difficulty with understanding it. You stated that, in the Absolute, you are in Gratitude for having been Created. How can God/Self be in Gratitude for Itself? How can the Eternal Self have been Created by Itself?
Thank you for any answer you may provide.

A: Thank-you for the questions, I am more than happy to respond. 🙂

Beingness is God extending His Self – extending His Light – and rejoicing in its simultaneous return – your Awareness, your Beingness, is God’s Light, which qualitatively is Known as a nonlinear interchange of Pure Love between Creator and Creation. It is a dynamic interchange within Undivided Oneness.

Gratitude is God’s “response” to the return of His Light to rest in Him; the Absolute state is nonlinear Knowledge of Oneness that is an essential interchange of nonlinear “love” extended and “gratitude” for its return.

One has the free will to Know God directly, or manifest other desires and seem to be fulfilled by them. At rest in Source, one is One with Creator as only the Light, Knowing only of Creation and relationship to Creator.

God’s Essential Awareness is extended and returned to Him as His Own “Son”. Everything in the universe is based on this intimacy between God and the Awareness He extends that returns to Him. Everything is God. Everything comes from God and returns to God.

Consciousness of being separate from God is the illusion the ego presents. The veil of Maya is a mind trick. There is nothing different from one’s being and God being. Awareness is absolutely precious – created by God by the unconditional extension of it, it is for God’s own Supreme Pleasure as it is freely returned.

Think of someone you have wholly desired to be with, and the gratitude you know when you are with that person. The sense of desire fulfillment is a simulation or reflection of the relationship you have directly with God at the level of creation. At this level you will Know that God created only you; you are “His One Son in whom He is well-pleased”; your gratitude for being created is God’s own for creating you.

God is – God has no beginning, no end. In God’s Cosmic Play, under the veil of Maya, through the senses that cannot perceive Knowledge, it seems as if there are many divided from Oneness and desiring infinite different things, yet in Reality, there is only God and you, His Son, in an interchange of perfect desire fulfillment forever.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017


2 thoughts on “Q & A on gratitude for God’s creation

  1. Robin Wilson

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by the “unconditional extension” of awareness, awareness being created, rather than simply self-existent/eternal?



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