Knowledge is Universal

Want to Know everything? Seek enlightenment and Know that Knowledge is Universal. Discover the Presence of God in you, and all will be revealed to you. Nothing will be held back, it will be all yours to Know.

I was given all information in December 2007 when God within was discovered as the One Scribe and all was thereby revealed. Could I, limited by the spacetime split, possibly transcribe all that information through the senses to you? Not a chance! Unlimited information cannot be made limited. You must Know it for yourself, straight from Source.

I discovered Walter Russell’s work ten years later – and it’s all the same information I was given. The symbols used and their arrangements in space are of course slightly different than the ones I was using and arranging to transcribe – but they all MEAN the SAME. It is all the same Knowledge.


2 thoughts on “Knowledge is Universal

  1. Robin Wilson

    Hello. I have been reading through your blog, and I see that you have addressed this question multiple times, but I still have difficulty with understanding it. You stated that, in the Absolute, you are in Gratitude for having been Created. How can God/Self be in Gratitude for Itself? How can the Eternal Self have been Created by Itself?

    Thank you for any answer you may provide.

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    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      Thank-you Robin; I made a new post in response. I am more than happy to correspond.

      Knowledge cannot be transcribed; it is Known – it is a Memory one recalls. In its recall, the question never was – there is only the Answer.



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