Metaphysics of Memory Loss and Recall

God created only one Son, and the Memory of God is His Son’s only Reality. The many sons authored by ego forget God and aspire to record other ideas vs remember Truth; yet remembering is one’s true Birthright. One is Created by God for God, and one never leaves God’s Memory.

“To remember is merely to restore to your mind what is already there. You do not make what you remember; you merely accept again what is already there, but was rejected. The ability to accept truth in this world is the perceptual counterpart of creating in the Kingdom. God will do His part if you will do yours, and His return in exchange for yours is the exchange of knowledge for perception. Nothing is beyond His will for you. But signify your will to remember Him, and behold! He will give you everything but for the asking.” ACIM txt pg 183

Seek Me. Know Me. Be Me” Divine Iliad

Remember God in the asking for the glorious to become manifest. Give blessings from the heavens by relaxing into the nonlinear state wherein one radiantly regives what God has Given, and blessings will appear multiplied when one walks again upright.

Earth is balanced by the givings from the heavens of space surrounding it, and the space around the Earth is balanced by the givings from Earth to it. Balance Self the way God does; rest in regiving God’s Love, and what one desires to Know will Be. There is nothing but Life to Know in God’s universe; death is ever a possibility, never made true.

God is Balanced; Surrender all ideas in motion to Know God’s Balanced Love that is one’s Still Center. Seek to Remember Source, Know One’s Still Reality, and Be that Balanced Love. Nothing but God’s Love is made manifest, and to God’s Love does all return.




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