Q & A on Cause and Effect vs cause and effect

Q: Thank you for your replies. You would not say God is Created, correct? So if we are God, how are we “Created”? Is there not simply the Eternal God? Otherwise aren’t we ending up with multiple infinite beings, etc?

A: My pleasure. Correct. God is not Created; God is Creator. One rests in God’s Love at the level of Creation. What one embodies “outside” of Creation is not of God, and yet all things embodied come back to rest in God. One is co-creator with God when Love is allowed to Be, and mis-creator with ego when Love is contracted/projected.

God’s Radiant Love as the Source of Creation is a priori; God is never born, and never dies, and neither does one’s Radiant Awareness which is “God’s Son” or “the Christ”. God is the Cause and Pure Awareness of Perfect Love is the Effect.

Experience of other ideas or “multiple infinite beings” aka identification with unconsciousness and consciousness of formed ideas comes from assuming Cause (to act as “Cause” but with a small “c”), and collecting and keeping the material effects. There is the assumption of Authorship to act as authorship and the belief that one can, by the division of One Being, duplicate and multiply one’s Self in one’s own ways to appear as multiple selves or beings.

Assuming cause to produce personal effects doesn’t last – one always resumes Knowledge of Being only God’s Effect. At the true level of Cause and Effect there is only One Creation, which is only One Effect of Perfect Love simultaneously interchanging with its Cause; there is only Absolute Love interchanging with it’s Self.

At the level of Creation, one is only God’s Self-Radiance, one is only the Light of Creation, which is Known only as Absolute Love begetting Absolute Love begetting Absolute Love; One is One Perfect Love continuously interchanging with its Source without division by other effects. One is already created complete and whole and need do nothing but accept one’s Cause, to Know one’s Effect.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017 All Rights Reserved


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