Q & A “do we get something out of dreaming form vs resting in Heaven?”

Q: I have one more question about reincarnation. And then I will stop with the questions… 🙂 Is Heaven infinite ecstasy? If so why would we ever leave it to explore “other ideas”? That seems insane to me…
Unless it is NOT infinite ecstasy and therefore we get something out of dreaming form?

A: Please feel free to ask all the questions you would like to ask :).

Yes, Heaven is ineffable, infinite ecstasy, and simultaneously yes, we get everything we could ever want, and consequently not want, from form. What is bought in thought is paid for in form (when the thought appears as manifest, one realizes in due time that one didn’t actually want to keep it – that it was insane to think of keeping it vs surrendering it directly). Heaven is seemingly left by keeping other ideas – the ego has one fearing God’s judgment over kept ideas (when God has no judgment whatsoever) and using the ability to embody ideas to “run” from rest in Heaven. Surrender the voice for ego for the Voice for God or the Holy Spirit, which forgives all other ideas and looks only to God’s.

Leaving Heaven for keeping other ideas is insane – the “tiny mad idea” of the ego to procreate (which is basically to invent one’s own parenthood and deny God’s) vs extend Creation as is obscures the Kingdom of Heaven with what isn’t ecstasy and is only insanity.

One may return to Heaven now by surrender of all other ideas as they present themselves in form, by meditation at night vs plotting out of the next day – ultimately by resting in the silent peace that all other ideas are neutralized in (vs keeping them from neutralizing). Plotting the next day will plod the body through the past as an afterthought, and it will be experienced as painful with little bits of Relief when the mind surrenders. The dreamer sleeps a future and wakes to the past.

One could say, “I desire to Know God now”, sit or lay the body down, clear the mind by voluntary release of attachment and aversion to formed ideas (a mantra may be helpful – “I am an infinite being, not subject to form” and/or perhaps some EFT “Even with this form, I fully and completely accept my Self”, and rest in the peace of Undivided, Unformed Heaven. Watch as the mind seems to want to follow other ideas instead, and release them as they come to Awareness.

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