Q & A on “Spirit never sleeps”

Q: I have never really enjoyed sleep. I prefer to need as little of it as possible. In fact one of the things I look forward to in being Spirit is the lack of need to sleep! Is this ‘balance’ need dependent on the person?

A: Spirit never sleeps, but the senses depend on sleep for rejuvenation, and the mind knows of its freedom from form when the senses are depolarized.

Sleep is necessary in this realm both mentally and physically. The universe is an ongoing process of concentration and decentration of thought. It may seem as if this balance between concentration and decentration, gravity and radiation, is dependent on the individual person, and yet there is only one universal self that is polarized and depolarized by one mind. “In form” we are all seemingly subject to being conscious and unconscious – Awareness of the One Mind cannot be filtered through the screen of “individual”. Spacetime with its infinite divisions of One Mind into infinite multiples of it does not form Reality.

You are not the split mind, of course, you are the Spirit of One Mind. Spirit never sleeps. Ego has made it seem as if you are the senses of an individual, but in charge of only half of their “upkeep” by the focus on them in their polarized state and the disdain for them in their depolarized state.

In Reality, you are not either perceptual state that consciousness or unconsciousness of the senses dictates. Consciousness and unconsciousness of spacetime is not part of your Reality. What you look forward to already Is yours to Know.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017 All Rights Reserved


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